Welcome to Upham’s Elder Service Plan/ PACE

Upham’s Elder Service Plan (UESP) / PACE is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly that provides older individuals and their caregivers an innovative choice in health care.

We invite you to contact us at Upham’s Elder Service Plan and see how we may offer what you and your loved ones have been looking for all along. Would you like to help ensure an older adult’s dignity, allow him or her to remain independent at home and in the community, and provide individualized quality care and services? It is more realistic now than ever before.

Upham’s Elder Service Plan is an important alternative to nursing homes and a way to receive important support that older adults may require within the comfort and security of their own homes and neighborhoods.

Participants receive:

Adult Day Health services for individuals with and without cognitive impairment
Dental and vision care, including eyeglasses
In-home assistance with personal care needs such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation as needed
Inpatient hospitalization care
24-hour access to PACE medical staff
Medical supplies and equipment
Medically necessary over-the-counter health care items
Medically necessary prescription drug coverage
Medication management
Nursing care
Nutrition evaluation and guidance
Other services as prescribed by the interdisciplinary team
Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
Primary and specialty medical services
Recreational therapy and activities suited to individual interests
Medically necessary transportation

Note: All services must be provided by or authorized by the PACE interdisciplinary team (except emergency services). PACE participants my be held liable for costs for unauthorized or out of PACE program agreement services. A more detailed description of PACE covered services is included in the PACE Organizations Enrollment Agreement (PDF download).


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