UESP Eligibility

Can PACE help you or your loved one with the long term care you need?

You can join PACE if you meet the following conditions:

– You are 55 years old or older.

– You live in the UESP service area: 02108 (Beacon Hill), 02109 (Chinatown), 02110 (Downtown Crossing), 02111 (Chinatown), 02114 (West End), 02115 (Kenmore), 02116 (Back Bay), 02118 (South End), 02119 (Lower Roxbury), 02120 (Mission Hill), 02121 (Grove Hall), 02122 (Dorchester), 02124 (Dorchester), 02125 (Dorchester), 02126 (Mattapan), 02127 (South Boston), 02130 (Jamaica Plain), 02131 (Roslindale), 02136 (Hyde Park), 02210 (Fort Point, Boston) 02445 (Brookline).

– You are certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for meeting the need for the nursing home level of care.

– You are able to live safely in the community with the help of PACE services at the time you enroll.


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