At 90 years old, Betty is the first to arrive at UESP. She enjoys her toast and coffee and warmly greets the staff with a smile. Born and raised in Harwich, Massachusetts, Betty is grateful to her father, who was Portuguese, and her mother for the strict upbringing she and her sister had growing up. Betty also raised her own children – four boys and four girls – the same way, and enjoyed a loving marriage of 32 years. She has maintained a close relationship with God throughout her life and continues to liver her life with strong Biblical principles. Betty wholeheartedly believes that everyone should do their best to help rather than hurt each other.

Her favorite bit of wisdom is one passed on from her mother. “If you hear gossip, walk away. From the Old and New Testament, from Leviticus to Mark, gossip is incredibly common and destructive. Do your part to squelch wagging tongues!”

Betty has attended PACE for over five years. At the Center, the physician and nursing staff provide medical oversight of her cardiac health as well as medication management. Betty also receives physical therapy at the Center and supportive services at home, including home meal delivery and homemaking services.


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