Albert calls Johnnie, his beloved wife of 48 years, his beacon and his inspiration. “She’s always taken wonderful care of me,” he said. Now that Johnnie’s health has declined, Albert is happy to serve as her strong right arm. A former hospital employee, Albert considers himself a “people person”.

Whether it’s sharing activities at the PACE day center, dinner with their kids, chatting with neighbors, or worshipping with fellow parishioners at church, Albert’s social interactions help keep him grounded in his community. Johnnie is a more reserved individual. “I try to help bring Johnnie out of her shell,” said Albert, “and encourage her to speak her own
mind.” For both of them, a meaningful life stems from their deep and lasting ties to each other.

Initially hesitant to join the Upham’s Elder Service Program in
Roxbury, Albert became a part of PACE because it would allow
Him to stay with Johnnie with supportive services at home.
For Albert and Johnnie, the most important benefit of PACE
Services is that it allows them to live independently together.


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