A Day at the Center

A day at the PACE Day Center starts off in the morning. Transportation heads out in the morning to pick up participants from the surrounding area and take them to the PACE Center. Transportation drivers will help participants in the program navigate their sidewalks, walk down a flight of stairs, and into the vehicles.

After participants arrive, they are offered coffee, tea, and toast, and begin their day. A day at PACE can include an number of things. Physical therapy exists for people who need it. The Activities department can lay out a variety of events for that day, from crafting, painting, trips to area parks and museums, and other things. Participants are easily able to see their or primary care provider, who are also located in the PACE day center.

Lunch is served, overseen by the nutritionist. After lunch, participants socialize with one another or do other activities. Transportation takes all residents home.


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